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Move The Brain

Creating Rianne Schorel's personal brand.

Former Pro Soccer Player | Brain Health Advocate | Author |Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Rianne Schorel and her twin sister Nanja both only ever wanted one thing: to be a professional footballer on the Women's Dutch National Team.


Rianne left for America at the age of sixteen to go to college and play soccer. She then achieved international success. When she was finally invited to participate on the women's national team, fate struck. No matter how well trained and prepared she was, she could not have seen this coming. Rianne then had to focus on a new challenge: dealing with the daily consequences of a concussion and the long process of healing. We had the opportunity to work with her spreading awareness regarding concussion.


Rianne Schorel hired our services to create web portal for Move the Brain. Her initiative for individuals suffering from Concussion.

What We Did

We created graphics for pamphlettes.

We created Move the Brain's website.

Sales funnel based landing page for the strategy was also built.

We ran their Facebook Advertising campaign

Faux team also managed their webinars.


We were able to promote and utilise Rianne Schorel's personal brand to be the center point for advetising Move the Brain.


Faux Educare

Education App for iOS and Android

As the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we took it upon us to help the teachers at lowest possible price with unmatched features.


The challenge was unique but an extremely uphill task for the entire team. This needed great coordination, many sleepless nights and extreme dedication from every single individual in the team.


Problems? Well, the biggest problem was the timeline. The entire project had a strict timeline of 30 days. Which included conceptualisation, building a free video-conferencing system, graphic design, marketing strategy, web portal, sales calls, video development, app development, online payment system, privacy, LMS system, youtube broadcast integration and many more.

What We Did

Just to lean into the fun, we also built an entire social media channel for each application with a status update, profile setup, comment, reply, like and share system. Of course, a 30-day timeline meant that the execution had to be done via plugins... the testing was rigorous. Keeping in mind that the survey was being conducted parallelly with development, we had the device a module-based development cycle with ever-evolving features.


We achieved 80+ clients in the first month of operation.